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Senior Solutions, Geriatric Behavioral Medicine

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Bayshore Medical Center provides a healing atmosphere for the unique needs of seniors through its Senior Solutions program.

Our 22-bed unit works to maximize the mental and physical health of seniors by identifying whether issues are signs of aging, stress or correctable medical problems.

For adults 65 and older. The program provides 24-hour intensive inpatient treatment. Working together, the medical director, nurses, social workers, occupational therapist, family and primary care doctor help you or your senior find mental and physical health.

Behavioral Issues Treated

Our team addresses many common problems experienced by seniors, such as:

  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Grief due to the loss of a spouse, friends or independence
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Withdrawal from others
  • Problems adjusting to a new living arrangement
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Risky or aggressive behavior
  • Low self-esteem

The Senior Solutions program also takes advantage of the in-house services our patients often need to become healthy, including:

  • Wound care and healing
  • Physical, occupational and therapy

Medicare and most private insurance plans cover the cost of services provided. A referral for care can come from a health professional or a family member. Senior Solutions also can provide a clinical evaluation – at no cost– to determine the need for treatment.

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