Bayshore Medical Center September 18, 2012

Bayshore Medical Center really “KNOCKED THE RESULTS OUT OF THE BALLPARK” during this week’s blood drive in partnership with our Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank!

During Wednesday’s drive Bayshore contributed 108 units of blood—the most ever collected at Bayshore in one drive. The previous “best result” was back in 1998 when Bayshore collected 73 units. It’s quite a jump and something all of us should be very proud of!  108 units of blood will enable 324 patients to receive a gift of life in our hospital and the many other hospitals served by the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank.

We especially want to thank our Employees Activity Committee (EAC), Environmental Service Team, Security, Engineering, PBX and CEO, Jeanna Barnard for promoting the drive and helping us offer the opportunity for our employees to Commit For Life—helping to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood components. People working together to save lives by donating blood: that is what the Commit for Life Group Program is all about! Check out the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank website to find out how your donation is helping others.

Photo - Front Row Left-Right: Sarah DeSantiago, Jeanna Barnard, Annebel Ramos, Shelby Carlisle, Mercedez Lemos, Ole Solemsaas
Back Row Left-Right: Patty Cox, Candace, Tyra Gilbert