The first hour after birth is when your baby is most alert. This is the time for skin-on-skin contact, cuddling, holding, bonding, and establishing breastfeeding. Your midwife will be with you to guide you through those first moments.

Soon after birth, your baby will have a security device attached to his/her ankle that matches your security tag. This is just one way we assure the safety and identification of your baby. All labor, delivery, and postpartum staff wear color-coded uniforms, and the unit is under controlled access.

We have contracted with a company we trust to take photographs and video of your experience, from labor through baby’s first days. This free service, provided by BioVideo, is accessible through an online account that you can share with friends and family.

Bayshore Medical Center is a Texas 10 Step Program facility, a designation by the Department of State Health Services in partnership with the Texas Hospital Association. The program encourages breastfeeding as the preferred method of feeding newborns. Sometimes, breastfeeding doesn’t come easily. Your midwife can help, and the Bayshore Medical Center has a certified lactation consultant available as well.

At Bayshore Medical Center we have implemented a mother and baby quiet time. Time has been specifically set aside for new mothers to rest, feed, and bond with their new baby.

Visitors are asked to honor this special uninterrupted time for parents and baby.

Regular visitation resumes at 3:30 p.m.